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Save up to $5000 on Your Expat Taxes Using this One Trick

Today's post is about saving up to (or sometimes over) $5,000 on your expat taxes by doing just this one thing. How can I save $5,000 on my expat taxes? Simple. When it's time to file your U.S. expat taxes, the IRS allows you to choose different foreign exchange periods. What this means is around tax time, … [Read More...]

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Tax Extensions for Expats 101

Did you know that American citizens living abroad are automatically given a two-month extension to file their taxes? That's right, the deadline for expats to file US federal taxes is not April 15th, but June 15th. … [Read More...]

What Exactly is an Expat?

A common question when we tell people that we do tax returns for expats is "what is an expat?". And that is a question we will answer for you in this post. Definition of "Expat" Expat is short for the word … [Read More...]