Free Tax Consultations for Expats

When you think of expat life, what do you think of? Busy. Hectic. Interesting. Different. Amazing. All of these, and more. One thing you probaby don’t think about as an expat is this: taxes. 

And that’s okay, because that’s what The Expat Tax Blog is for. Taxes are complicated, annoying, and hard to do whether you are an American citizen living in New York or an expat working in Kuala Lumpur.

The purpose of this website is to take the tax burden out of your hectic expat life. Many clients often have questions about tax exclusions, or whether they have to pay American taxes at all, how much they have to pay, and what they can and cannot exclude. It’s definitely not a simple and easy process. No one likes to count up all their receipts from the past year. It’s tedious.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help; our site is run by a CPA who himself is an expat. This is a great advantage for you, because sometimes it is hard to relate to a CPA in a fancy office wearing a fancy suit. Why not take advice from an expat CPA who knows the expat game himself!

What’s more, we offer free tax consultations. Just fill out your information in the box to the right and you will hear from us shortly. You can also contact us, read our blog for do-it-yourself tax help, and follow our tax tweets on twitter (you can say that three times fast!).

Whatever the case, thanks for checking out the Expat Tax Blog, and enjoy your life abroad.